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This combinable sonde is suitable for quantitative formation dual or triple spaced density measurements in uncased holes.READ MOREFORMATIONSIDEWALL DENSITY                               Digital Natural Gamma Ray Sonde can be used on its own or in combination with other sondes for correlation purposes.READ MORENATURALGAMMA SONDE                              All the calipers can be run on their own or they can be screwed together to run as one single tool string.READ MOREARMCALIPERS

 The digital Dual Spacing Neutron Sonde provides quantitative porosity logs based on Hydrogen Index.READ MORECOMPENSATEDNEUTRON SONDE                                  Provides a Medium and a Deep LL3 focused resistivity log with finer vertical resolution than the traditional Normal Resistivity sonde.READ MOREDUAL FOCUSRESISTIVITY SONDE                               The digital Verticality probe can be used in open boreholes or in non-magnetic casing.READ MOREVERTICALITYSONDE

 The Temperature – Conductivity probe can be used on its own or in combination with other sondes.READ MORETEMPERATURECONDUCTIVITY SONDE                                  The water level indicator is used to provide accurate information on the water level depth in a well.READ MOREWATER LEVELINDICATOR                               Providing images for structural analysis and unwrapped acoustic images of bore holes.READ MOREACOUSTICTELEVIEWER

 Assisting with rock strength analysis and cement bond integrity.READ MORESONIC //CBL SONDE                                  These sondes are used to measure vertical fluid movement.READ MOREHEAT PULSEFLOW METER