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Example Log Data

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Acoustic Image Log

The acoustic televiewer (ATV) provides logs for imaging the borehole wall, identifying fractures, analyzing bedding and layering, measuring caliper, assessing rock quality, and detecting breakouts.

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Formation Density Log

A formation density log measures the bulk density of the surrounding rock formations by emitting gamma rays into the formation and detecting the intensity of the scattered gamma rays. This information helps geologists and engineers assess porosity, lithology, and hydrocarbon content in the subsurface, aiding in reservoir characterization drilling and blasting decisions.

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Hydrology Log

The wireline logger can offer a range of useful measurements that will assist in groundwater exploration and production. Some measurements include fluid temperature, conductivity, acoustic and/or optical images, water quality (pH, Total Disolved Solids, Oxygen Percentage, Nitrates etc.), fluid sampling, impeller flowmeter and natural gamma amongst others.

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Optical Image Log

Similar to the ATV, the Optical Televiewer (OTV) log involves capturing high-resolution optical images of the borehole wall using a camera system. These images provide detailed information on geological features such as bedding planes, fractures, and sedimentary structures, aiding in reservoir characterization, geotechnical analysis, and wellbore stability assessment.

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Rock Strength Log

A rock strength log measures the mechanical properties of rock formations surrounding a borehole, typically using tools like a mechanical caliper or a sonic logging device. It provides information on parameters such as compressive strength, tensile strength, and shear strength, helping engineers assess wellbore stability, design drilling programs, and predict formation behavior during production operations.

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Water Quality Log

A water quality log involves measuring various parameters of water composition, such as pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, and concentrations of specific ions or contaminants. These measurements help assess the suitability of water for various purposes such as drinking, irrigation, or industrial use, as well as monitor changes in water quality over time due to natural processes or human activities.

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