Weight / length: 6.2kg / 0.9m

Sonde Diameter: 51 mm

Measuring range: 0.1 to 3 m/min

Resolution: 0.1s

Data output Time, Direction

Max. Pressure: 20MPa

Max. Temp.: 80ºC

Heat Pulse

Flow Meter

This sonde is used for applications where the flow rate is below the threshold of the impeller.


Weight / length: 3.5kg / 0.48m

Cage Diameter: Optional interchangeable impeller

       cage sizes to order.

Typically: 50, 70 and 100mm

Threshold Velocity: Varies with cage size. (Typically

       1 m/min with 50 mm cage)

Resolution: 1/40th turn

Data output Flow rate, direction

Max. Pressure: 20MPa

Max. Temp.: 80ºC


Flow Meter

Impeller Flowmeter: Different size impeller cages can be interchanged to suit different pipe or borehole diameters.

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