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Our work ethic emphasizes our commitment to health and safety, which is first and foremost. Performing most of uor activities on mines has resulted in a logging team that exceeds the industry health and safety requirements. All logging staff are inducted and undergo first aid and fire control training in combination with other courses such as hazard identification, management and awareness, advanced driver training and quality management all done as standard training procedures.

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Our founder, Charles Gould has accumulated extensive logging experience since 1993, including work in the oil and gas field of Alberta, Canada, offshore in Sweden and Western & Southern Africa and has spent many years on the Highveld coal belt. Geoline Logging Services is staffed by a professional team of individuals who are well trained and take pride in their activities and services that they provide. 

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Geoline Logging Services have at their disposal six 4x4 logging units and one airlifting unit. They are equipped with winches with capacities ranging from 600m to 2000m. Data is captured using a digital data transfer system for accuracy and speed. Geoline operates by providing a variety of services, including rock density, porosity, resistivity, natural gamma, caliper, cement bond logs (CBLs), borehole imaging logs, magnetic susceptibility, temperature/conductivity and deviation. For coal logging, we offer a dual-spaced sidewall density sonde which is stacked with a natural gamma and water level indicator in the same run.

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Optimizing Mine Planning

Active in the industry since 1999.

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We continuously monitor our service performance and maintain a quality management system based on the SABS ISO 9001 standard.

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We largely make use of Geovista equipment which uses a digital data transfer system for accuracy and speed.

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